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Leah Lahkiah - Higher ft. Corio

The Official Music Video for Leah Lahkiah - "Higher" (2021) Directed by Leo The Shooter, Leah Lahkiah, and Mandy Paganetto


About The Song

"Higher was actually written in a point of solitude in my life. As the writer it isn't coming from a romantic place it's more of self-elevation. Higher was inspired by the feeling of wanting more. As the listener you get to decide what you want more of. But what I hope for is that after listening, the vibe is strong enough to take you higher. " - Leah Lahkiah 

💃🏽 Released By: Lah Venture Records

Performed By: Leah Lahkiah ft. Corio

Written By: Leah Nelson & Paul Corio

Produced By: Malachi Mabson

Recorded By: Steve White

Recorded At: Dojo Studios and Huge Music Studios | Kentucky, USA

Mixed By: Steve White

Mastered By: Steve White

Genre: R&B

BPM: 70

Key: 3A / Bb Minor

Length: 03:34

About The Artist

24-Year Old, Leah Lahkiah is an American R&B singer-songwriter breaking onto the scene out of Louisville, Kentucky. The idea of singing and performing has been with her since she was young performing at church camp back in Ohio. More recently, she has been exploring the craft of singing and songwriting by releasing a couple of records online, To You, and For the Summer. She is excited to be releasing her first single of 2021, “Higher” featuring Corio. Expect more of her sexy chill sound in the months to come.


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The Lyrics To 💃🏽 Leah Lahkiah's "HIGHER" ft. Corio

💃🏽 Into the unknown

the abyss carries my soul

Sunken by this touch

My body yearns for his presence

A chemistry so cosmic it burns

But we gotta let it💃🏽

Yeah said it (I said it yeah) Overdosing on your kiss

Tripping off your touch 💃🏽

Faded off the time we spent talking silly laying up

If this is high as it gets I’m not ever coming down

The buzz is moving in need you to drown it out

Be my sweet escape you be my way out

Our gravity colliding

Our axis aligning💃🏽

You take me higher higher

I wanna go higher

Keep taking me higher


A passion is ignited

Surrounded by the flames

We’re soaring with the fire

Our sparks remain untamed

Overdosing on your kiss

Trippin off your touch 💃🏽

Faded off the time we’ve spent talking silly laying up

If this is high as it gets 💃🏽

I’m not ever coming down I’m not ever coming down 💃🏽

You take me higher higher higher higher you take me higher,

higher, higher, higher oh I want to go higher higher higher Higher

keep taking me higher


You caught my eye from somewhere far

A candle got me through the dark

Can I take you home Higher higher 💃🏽

Can I hold you close, can I hold you close cause you take me

higher higher higher You take me higher higher higher


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